Alie and Georgia

Who are these broads?

Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark are best friends who met outside a tragically hip dive bar in Los Angeles. Fast friends, Alie and Georgia would meet for cocktails after work, with Alie a staff writer for the LA Times covering nightlife and events, and Georgia a part-time blogger and full-time suffering receptionist. They jokingly drafted plans on a cocktail napkin for a fictitious cocktail abomination called a McNuggetini, and made a farcical how-to video in their best vintage dresses. A viral hit ensued, with coverage in The New York TimesTime magazine, CNN and Perez Hilton alike.

They were approached by Food Network with the challenge of creating cocktails that were still fun — but palatable. The ladies went on to create two seasons of Drinks with Alie & Georgia, with 24 episodes of weirdly innovative cocktails, 12-year-old-boy humor and occasional blowtorches.

They’re currently on-camera contributors for Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets, have appeared in several TV specials, and just launched their new online Web series for Cooking Channel, Classy Ladies with Alie & Georgia, in which they wear lovely dresses, pretend to be classy and take a culinary lesson in each episode.

In their spare time Alie & Georgia make videos for Zooey Deschanel’s site Hello Giggles and appear and perform at various live events, including LA’s The Meltdown comedy show.

They live a mile apart from each other in Los Angeles, and continue to confound people by being best friends with totally opposite tastes. (Alie prefers wine spritzers. Georgia loves beer. Alie’s all about vegetables. Georgia’s a carnivore. But both are dorks.

Frequent Inquiries:

Where do you ladies live?

Georgia and Alie both reside in the Los Feliz area of LA. Georgia is a native Angeleno (with a boring childhood spent in Orange County), while Alie is a transplant from San Francisco who still cowers from year-round sunshine.

Are you imitating the aesthetic of ‘Mad Men’ or is that really your style?

Georgia and Alie have both been foraging in thrift stores for cute vintage finds since their adolescence, and resent the notion that they are biting the style of a television show, even if it is on cable. Georgia drools over anything with ruffles or superfluous buttons and describes her aesthetic as “demure and stylish with a hint of elderly woman.” Alie is fond of knee socks, high heels and anything with black and white stripes. They could go as Daria and Jane for Halloween without much need for preparation. (Alie is Daria, Georgia is Jane. They’re still casting for Trent.)

Will you hang out with me?


Where can I harmlessly stalk/find out more about you?

We’re on Tumblr,  TwitterFlickr and Facebook, but so is your mom.